How to make a pillowcase with cuff and french seams

Pillowcases are a great beginner sewing project as they only have straight seams. Unlike a lot of beginner sewing projects out there, this pillowcase won’t look like a a child made it.

It is completely finished, inside and out, with no exposed seam allowances. It’s definitely a project you will be proud to gift your friends.

This YouTube video tutorial give you the basic steps to make this pillowcase with both a cuff and french seams

Pillowcase pattern and class for beginners

If you’d like a bit more detail and guidance than the above video, I have a pattern + video class available. This class is especially designed for beginners who are ready to have fun being creative. Step by step guidance for first time sewing success.

Pillowcase Video class for beginner sewers

If you’d like just the pattern with detailed diagrams, you can get that here. You really should be able to get a free download at this link – if you can’t, email me at the contact page above. I’m working on making this better!

Pillowcases make great personalized gifts

With all the fabrics out there you can make truly personalized gifts for the ones you love, or even just have fun with every holiday. It’s a great way to use novelty fabric that you’re just itching to pick up.

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