Just starting on your quilting journey? A little overwhelmed? I’ve got you!

Quilting is a great way to relieve stress, be creative, and love on your people. Plus it will be so much fun to show off the wonderful quilts you create.

Does quilting seem complicated and mysterious?

  • Do you need ALL those quilting tools?
  • How do you pick out fabric that goes together?
  • Which pattern is best for beginners? 
  • What on earth does “quilt and bind as desired” mean?

Ready to feel smart and magical?

  • Create beautiful quilts that you are proud to share. 
  • Walk into a fabric store and pick fabrics that look great together
  • Follow a pattern and use your new tools with confidence
  • Turn beautiful fabric into one of a kind creations that bring warmth and smiles

Start your quilting journey

Tools you need to make a quilt

You don’t need many tools to make a quilt. Just a basic sewing machine, basic sewing supplies and a rotary cutter, ruler and mat. You can read more details at my very detailed Quilt Tools for Beginners post or just download my free PDF that fits nicely on your phone to take to the store.

quilt Tools for beginners
Detailed post about quilting tools
Free beginner quilting tools list
Fits nicely on your phone to take with you

How complicated is it to make a quilt?

If you want to do a little bit of information gathering before you dip your toes into the quilting world, I have just the guide for you. It’s my FREE guide that details the SEVEN SIMPLE STEPS to making a quilt – get download here.

Quilting Basics Guide What you need to know before you make your first quilt
Free E book

Step by step quilting video course

If you’re a fan of video instruction, check out my step by step video course that takes you through making your first quilt from picking out the fabric to completely finished.

Complete online course for beginner quilters
My course takes you from picking out the fabric all the way through sewing on the binding with a small and simple project designed especially to teach you everything you need to know to make bigger quilts without stress.

I make quilting pretty simple

Online quilt teacher Pretty Simple Sara

I’m a lifelong sewist who had to figure most of it out by myself.

I love the challenge of taking complicated things and making them simple.  Teaching quilting combines my passion for fabric and design with the joy of seeing you succeed at something new.

It’s more than quilting, it’s showing you that you are capable of creating beautiful things.

Got a specific question?

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