That’s me!

I was talking with my daughter recently about how much I want to help you do the things you dream of doing.

I was lamenting about how so much out there just makes everything too complicated and then people just give up before they’ve barely started on their dreams.  

I could tell you all about my quilting experiences here, but instead I want you to know the real reason I do this online thing.

It’s more than quilting

Do you have something in your life that you would do if you knew you could not fail?

Are you trying to do it?

I grew up in a house that never saw a repairman. My father, with a PhD and a good career, still fixed absolutely everything at home.

And he wasn’t one to think a girl didn’t need to know about fixing things. I have early memories of being in the garage in my nightgown on cold evenings sitting behind the wheel and pushing with all my little might on the brake pedal to help bleed the brakes on the family car.

Dinner conversation was the details of his current project – from dishwashers to roofs.

Most importantly, I saw him never question his ability to fix something broken.

Consequently, I’ve always assumed that I can figure something out.

That confidence really helps me to do the things that are truly important to me – because those are always the scariest.

I want you to know you can do that ‘thing’

You know the ‘thing’. It’s what deep down inside you want so bad you’re scared to try.

Confidence comes from action.

The more times you try something new and succeed, the more confidence you have to try the next new thing. I don’t always succeed in everything I attempt, but I have enough successes that I’m willing to try new things, even if I make a fool of myself in the process.

You may not be there yet.

I’m here to help you succeed when you do take action. Even if quilting isn’t the ‘thing’, having success will build your confidence and prepare you for it.

You are capable of knowing what you are doing and why.

I eliminate roadblocks, frustration and confusion that might derail you from having that success in making a quilt. I make it ‘pretty simple’ so you can have success.

If you have always wanted to make your first quilt and I help you do that, that’s great.

If after you’ve had success in this one area you decide to try that ‘thing’ – because now you know that it just may not be as complicated as it looks?

I will be SO HAPPY!!!

Let me know what you are bravely attempting.  I will cheer you on.