Put your boots on Make a Plan

Why planning is important

Why is planning important?  

If you’re not a planner you probably wonder why anyone would spend time on developing a plan when they don’t always work out the way you want them to.  But even if your plans are almost always interrupted, it’s still important to plan.  The process of planning protects you from the unpredictable storms of life, just like good clothing protects you from the elements. 

There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.

-Alfred Wainwright

I enjoy walking in all weather, every day of the year.  Yes, I enjoy the sting of ice against my face just as much as spring sunshine.  I love watching trees buffeted by winds while the same winds swirl snow around me, either pushing me along or trying to stop me in my tracks.  I can enjoy these things because I always make sure I leave for my winter walks bundled up for the weather.  Being out in the weather makes me feel alive.

Planning is like proper outerwear to help us get through the blizzards of life and see the beauty and feel alive. 

Planning protects your brainpower

Just like a hat protects your head, planning protects your brainpower.  Doing the work to plan ahead reduces overwhelm.  If you’ve gotten everything out of your head and into a plan, you can relax and concentrate on doing.  Plans provide direction so that you get what is most important done, without spending time or brain energy figuring out what to do next.

Planning protects your spirit

Just like a coat that envelopes you and keeps you warm, the planning process makes sure your spirit is protected.  Through the planning process you can not only discover what you value most, but you can make sure you have the time to spend on those things.  You can use planning to create margin in your life so you can rest.  Because you can define what’s most important and then focus on those important things, your heart, emotions and relationships will all benefit from planning.

Planning protects your body

Just like the boots on your feet that keep you marching through snow drifts, planning can help maintain your physical energy.  By using planning techniques to maintain your energy, as well as planning to do things that will ensure your physical health like exercise and eating right, planning will help you make sure your body is ready for everything you want to do.

When a storm pops up

The storms in our lives can be anything as simple as being stuck in a traffic jam or as complex as a severe health issue.  What happens in your life when an unexpected storm shows up?  Do you know which things to take off your schedule and which to keep on your schedule?  Or do you just move haphazardly through your day, and end up feeling soaked to the bone?

A plan makes it possible to adjust to circumstances in a way that protects what is important to you.  There’s no such thing as too many things to do, just a failure to plan which ones are the most important.

Put your boots on, make a plan.

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