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Violets Table Runner

This is part of The UFO Project where I am working through my late mother’s quilt stash

This started as an unopened kit from 2008. I hesitated to start it because I am not a fan of applique, but since it was purple and the grandchild who loves purple had a birthday approaching, I made the gift that my mother likely it intended to be.

I hadn’t done any applique for so long that I did actually have to purchase some fusible for applique. I was impressed at how much better fusible works than when I last used it.

Of course, it still took a lot of time – to trace, to cut and then to sew. The green in each block took a full 15 minutes to stitch around. All reasons I dislike applique 🙂 And also why I wonder why on earth the kit was entitled “Learn to Quilt”. What a way to discourage a new quilter!

I don’t like the fact that kits like these aren’t designed so that you can wash the fabric beforehand. I’m a big fan of prewashing fabric, not only for bleeding and shrinkage prevention, but I actually like the feel better than unwashed. But there was just enough fabric, so I dealt. It kept me on my toes 🙂

This was the first real quilt of mine that I quilted on my new longarm. I had a longarm back in 2005-7 that I sold when we moved. I am delighted to have one again.

This is my first longarm with computerization. Remembering how to stitch in the ditch with the ruler and to freehand around the flowers was not too bad. Figuring out how to make the computer do what I wanted for the setting triangles in purple was a challenge. I am hoping it gets better because I shelled out the extra because I thought the computerization would be helpful and timesaving…not so thus far – but hey, it’s the first quilt!

I don’t think I’ve ever put beads on a quilt before. The pattern called for embroidery, but I like this simpler alternative of beads that I already had in stock from when my kids were doing crafts.

Not sure I will do any more applique for awhile, but I think the grandchild will like it.

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