There are two dangers in not owning a farm: the belief that heat comes from the furnace and that food comes from the supermarket.

Aldo Leopold

We modern people have really warped our relationship with food. The growing of food has been literally removed from our own hands and turned into a manufacturing process that we never see.

Society is beginning to sense that something is wrong. Maybe because of the increase in unhealthy bodies – ours and those around us.

Unfortunately, our first instinct to solve any problem is to make things complicated. Solutions can’t possibly be simple – we need experts and scientists to give us lots of rules. We couldn’t possibly figure it out on our own.

I think YOU can. Eating healthy is actually incredibly simple. It just takes a few adjustments to our attitudes and expectations. We have to be bold enough to do things a little differently. To trust our gut decisions and follow through with them.

I provide food for thought about food for body. You make your own decisions.

Grow Garlic to Use All Year
Pretty Simple Food

Grow Garlic To Use All Year

Garlic is extremely easy to grow AND to store. You can easily grow enough garlic to last you from one year to the next in 10 square feet or less in your yard. You can even plant it among your decorative plantings – no need to create a garden bed if you haven’t started a garden yet.
Storing garlic only requires a cool dry dark place – like a basket in your basement. Are you ready to try?